Best electric fillet knife for walleye

Best Electric Fillet Knife For Walleye

There is nothing more rewarding than to have the warm fillet of a walleye cooked to perfection after a long, tedious day of fishing. Using the best electric fillet knife for walleye makes the experience worth it. Electronics add ease to your life. The same goes for the electric fillet knife.

Walleye can be very tricky to clean and fillet, especially if it has a considerable size and strong bone development. Therefore, you need masterful precision and skill to make the perfect fillet of a walleye. But, I may warn you using a regular knife may take a long time to master the skill.

An electric knife adds speed and precision to the complex task of cutting up a walleye. If it’s just a walleye or two that I need to fillet, I indeed prefer a regular knife for the job. But, to fillet a whole lot of walleye, I instead prefer making use of an electric knife.

You can find various models of electric fillet knives. It is an excellent possibility that you end up confused about what one to get. But, you don’t have to worry anymore, as you have come to the right place.

Best Electric Fillet Knife For Walleye Comparison Table

Best Electric Fillet Knife For Walleye – Top 5 picks

After testing out different electric knives, I have picked out the 8 best fillet knives to help you make the perfect fish fillet in no time.

1.BUBBA Pro Series Lithium-Ion Electric Fillet Knife 


  • Brand:  BUBBA
  • Model Name:  EFK, Pro Series, Lithium-Ion (Diecast Frame & Brushless Motor)
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Red
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Power Source: Corded Electric, Battery Powered

Blade Design

The versatile BUBBA Pro Series Lithium-Ion Electric Fillet Knife is the perfect kitchen companion for all your filleting needs. 

With this innovative electric fillet knife, you can tackle any of your favorite seafood with ease. The blades are detachable and easily replaceable to fit your desired preferences. 

The LEDs illuminate when batteries need changing, giving you an instant warning to pump up the power levels. 

At over 17 inches long, it’s wide enough and powerful enough for even large jobs without needing a bulky cart or rachets, etc., making it one of the most well-designed fillet knives in the market.

Ease of Use

The blades of this Bubba electric fillet knife are ridiculously sharp that ensure effortless cutting of meat for maximum enjoyment/efficiency at every meal. 

Its Non-slip grip handle provides reliable control with an automatic switch to keep your knife safe and secure, so you know it’s not going anywhere even if there are unexpected tremors or surges in power. 

You can use this fillet knife to cut everything from thinnest scallops to thick steak, making for quick work times without any worries about safety.


The BUBBA Pro Series is a heavy-duty and durable electric fillet knife with a razor-sharp cutting edge. The ergonomic trigger offers precise control and is safe for contact with food prep surfaces such as stainless steel tables.

  • Non-slip grip handle
  • Engineered ventilation has been designed to maximize motor transmission output giving you an incredible amount of torque
  • 4 different blade options: 7in E-FLEX, 9in E-FLEX, 9in E-STIFF and 12in E-STIFF
  • Blades are constructed out of high carbon stainless-steel and coated with titanium nitride
  • Safety lock and trigger guard
  • Dual Rivet Blade Design, Ergonomic Trigger, Non-slip Handle, Wireless
  • Expensive

Final Verdict

This fillet knife is the best in the industry, cutting anything from salmon to red snapper. The BUBBA Pro Series Lithium-Ion Electric Fillet Knife features an aluminum handle for comfort and grip, stainless steel blade, diecast frame with brushless motor for smooth operation. The long reach will allow you to cut fish of any size with ease.

2. BUBBA 110V Electric Fillet Knife


  • Four different titanium nitride-coated stainless steel blades.
  • Cordless operation.
  • 110V of electric power.
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Carry case
  • Handle Size: 8.5” inches
  • Manufacturer: Battenfeld Technologies
  • Weight: 3 Pounds

Ease of Use

The BUBBA Li-Ion Electric Fillet Knife is one of the fastest, easiest ways to fillet a fish. The non-slip grip handle and trigger guard ensure that you have complete control while trimming delicate meats from your catches. 

The ergonomic design prominently features solid construction with a hidden thumb ramp for added safety in use. 

You can decide to make a decorative cut or leave it in bigger pieces, making the BUBBA Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife perfect for any cuisine.


The BUBBA Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife with Non-Slip Grip Handle is your best friend when it comes to the kitchen.

It’s not delicate, so you can use it on anything from a juicy salmon filet or a braised brisket roast to a watermelon and cheese sandwich. 

Its durable blade will never rust and self-sharpens, so it cuts through ingredients like butter. 

Blade Styles

This electric fillet knife with a non-slip grip handle is perfect for slicing anything from saltwater fish to fresh veggies. 

It has 4 blades of different styles 7″ E-FLEX, 9″ E-FLEX, 9″ E-STIFF, and 12″ E STIFF that reflect our legendary tapered flex and stiff fillet knives.

It doesn’t matter what you’re slicing or how tough it may be; use the electric fillet knife with a non-slip grip handle on any foodstuff.

  • Long battery run time.
  • Nonslip grip.
  • Durable blades.
  • Four different blades.
  • Easy trigger.
  • Battery life indicator.
  • Storage case.
  • High price.

Final Verdict

This BUBBA Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife can help make your next seafood platter a success.
The dishwasher-safe non-slip grip handle with a finger guard is perfect if you are searching for easy cleanup. Take this electric tool for camping or bring it to the beach without fear of wasted battery power because of its corded option.

3. Rapala Fillet Knife


  • 2 Lithium-ion batteries.
  • Wall charger.
  • Store case.
  • Manufacturer: Rapala
  • Weight: 3.81 Pound
  • 80 Minutes of continuous runtime.

Heavy Duty

An electric fillet knife is ideal for a heavy-duty job. This powerful electric knife slices fishbone cleanly and easily.

This blue, 3″ blade slices with precision, giving you more time to enjoy your hard work rather than feeling frustrated with a dull blade. 

The removable rotor blades are curved to match the shape of your fingers so you can feel comfortable when slicing through tough meat or vegetables without the risk of cutting yourself.


The Rapala HDEFACSC heavy-duty electric knife is very easy to use and requires minimal preparation. 

It’s dishwasher safe and includes two (6″ & 7-1/2″) interchangeable blades that you can choose either a reciprocating style or an oscillating blade depending on the task at hand. 

This amazing tool comes with ten power levels too, so there’s no more guessing as to how much force to apply when “cutting” into that chicken breast (or anything else).

Ergonomic Design

This Rapala HDEFACSC Heavy Duty Electric Knife, Fillet, Combo is a must-have tool for every angler and cook.

This ergonomic design knife makes filleting a snap. The stainless steel blades make it durable for any adventure, while the long-lasting rechargeable battery will elevate your kitchen skills to new heights.

  • Swift action.
  • Lightweight.
  • Secure Grip.
  • Long battery time.
  • Fast charging.
  • Difficult to remove blades.

Final Verdict

The Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Knife is the solution to all your slicing problems. Its ergonomic design makes slicing and dicing faster, more comfortable, and safer than ever before. Plus, you can never go wrong with nine stainless steel blades that are durable, sharp, and dishwasher safe.

4. Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife


  • 18 Foot Power Cord.
  • Heavy-duty motor.
  • Adapters for 110V AC
  • 12V Post Clips
  • 12V Lighter Plug
  • Manufacturer: Green Supply
  • Weight: 1 Pound

Heavy Duty

The Rapala Deluxe Heavy-Duty Electric Knife is well-designed for safety. The knife has a long, 18-foot cord making it easier to maneuver when filleting fish. 

It also comes with an adapter for power outlets in Europe and Asia, so you can use the Post Clips or cords that come with it no matter where you are in the world. 

This versatile electric knife easily cuts through any meat quickly and requires little manual dexterity, allowing even inexperienced cooks to get good results in their kitchens.

Blade Design

This heavy-duty electric knife is designed for joints like ham or pork belly that need pushing against friction to cut all the way through but can’t be sliced without applying too much pressure on your hands.


It features both 6″ and 7-1/2″ reciprocating blades to match up with different fish sizes, all enclosed in a handy travel case, so it’s always available when you need it.

Just unplug the knife from the electrical outlet and zip off back home without having to bring any tools along, whether that’s at work or just farther down the shoreline than usual.

  • Versatile power options.
  • Robust blade.
  • Swift operation.
  • Sharp blades.
  • Long length power cord.
  • Soundless motor operation
  • Easy-grip.
  • Difficult to carry around.

Final Verdict

The Rapala Deluxe Heavy-Duty Electric Knife is the quality choice. This knife is an investment that will provide valuable service for years without having to suffer through blade dulling or transferring your delicate filleting work onto a much larger cutting board. 

5. Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife


  • 120V AC power.
  • Corded Operation.
  • 7-inch stainless steel blade.
  • Manufacturer: Dreme Corp
  • Weight: 1.41 pounds

Ease of use

The Mister Twister 120V Electric fillet knife features a convenient blade release. The safety lock makes the Mr. TWISTER 120V Electric Fillet knife an easy-to-use, safe kitchen tool for all your cutting needs.

Heavy duty

This knife is a winner whether you’re at home or out on the boat. Say goodbye to hand cramps, as this knife can fillet up to 30% faster than other knives. Plus, it’s unbeatable with heavy-duty gears and bearings, a simple hand design for extra control, and 50% more torque power.


This best budget electric fillet knife makes fish filleting easy and quick, so you can spend less time in the kitchen cutting out scales and more time tasting your fresh catch. 

The solidly-constructed design ensures that you get plenty for your money down the long line, so if you are looking for a sturdy knife to last well into retirement, look no further than this entry-level fillet knife from Mister Twister.

  • Reasonable price.
  • Easy-grip.
  • User friendly.
  • Weightless body.
  • Effortless blade release.
  • Safety lock.
  • Not suitable for hard bones.

Final Verdict

This Mister Twister electric fillet knife will quickly become your favorite tool for cutting, slicing and cleaning fish. This professional-grade knife can cut through any seafood with a 120 V motor that produces over 15 lbs of torque. You won’t run out of power because of the corded design, which means you’ll always be connected while working.

6. Smith’s 51233 Lawaia Electric Fillet Knife


  • Removable Blades
  • 7″ Stainless Steel Blade
  • 7″ Stainless Steel Flex Blade
  • 6′ 120 volt AC power cord
  • Smith’s Fillet XL Fillet Glove
  • Marine grade mesh storage bag


If you’re fishing for your next dinner, the Smith’s 51233 Lawaia Electric Fillet Knife is guaranteed to be the catch of the day. 

It features two detachable blades one is stainless steel and one is flex stainless steel for easy cleaning and versatility in slicing cooked meats, fruits, vegetables, or any grilled dish straight off the grill. 

The 7″ length provides enough room to tackle even today’s largest catches with ease.


Smith’s 51233 Lawaia Electric Fillet Knife comes with everything you need for clean and precise cuts. It also includes helpful gloves and storage bags to keep your hands safe and free from contamination.

Treat yourself to this ingenious gadget now if you’re wary of spending time on tiresome jobs.

The XL fillet glove will take away the tedium so you can spend more time doing other things while still catching every last strip of meat or delicate fineness at lightning speed.

You won’t believe how much easy it is to achieve a flawless cut now than ever before.

  • Durable.
  • Removeable.
  • Come with Accessories.
  • 6′ 120 volt AC power cord.
  • Marine grade mesh storage bag.
  • Blades don’t stay locked

Final Verdict

Smith’s 51233 Lawaia Electric Fillet Knife is a safe, hygienic, and modern innovation to filleting your catch of the day. This knife features a high-quality stainless steel blade that changes easily on-demand with new blades stored in the handle. 

In addition, use this electric fillet knife without any power cord up to thirty minutes at a time before you have to plug it back in that makes it perfect for larger operations or long periods of work.

7. PIRANHA Electric Fillet Knife


  • More Power, More Torque & More Speed.
  • Corded Electric Fillet Knife
  • Mister Twister MT-1208 SW Piranha Electric Fillet Knife
  • Model: MT-1208


The Piranha Electric Fillet Knife is a unique, innovative electric knife created to be the ultimate choice when it comes to filleting fish. 

Its unique design means it’ll guarantee you enjoy the process because there’s no strain on your muscles and no complicated instructions for use. 

The design is ideal for pro chefs and beginner anglers alike; this tool features an increased cutting surface that ensures less drag and provides smooth, even cutting with every stroke. 


This electric fillet knife is the perfect tool for quick and easy preparation. It has an innovative design that boasts 2-speed settings (Hi/Low), which you can easily switch between with the press of a button.

It contains stainless steel blades with nonstick red plastic handles and a measuring scale in both metric and imperial units on the blade to measure product thickness or girth up to 6 inches/15 cm thick. So, this fillet knife will get the job done every time without all the mess.

  • Comfortable.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Corded Electric.
  • Powerfull Motor.
  • Stainless steel blade.
  • It contains only one size blade.

Final Verdict

The best angler needs a safe knife to prepare their catch. The fillet knife has plenty of power so that you can cut through the thickest fish with ease, and it won’t feel like your arm is going to drop off after an hour. This electric fillet knife by PIRANHA comes in handy for slicing and serving anything from fresh sushi rolls, salads, or even pizza.

8. BLACK+DECKER 9-Inch Electric Carving Knife


  • Brand: Black & Decker
  • 9-Inch Stainless Steel Blades.
  • Comfort Grip Handle.
  • Dishwasher-Safe Parts.
  • Safety Lock Button.
  • Model: EK500B

Easy to use

The BLACK+DECKER 9-Inch Electric Carving Knife is a must-have for any kitchen. This fillet knife is great for breaking down whole chickens or slicing roast beef.

This knife effortlessly slices anything. Because it’s constructed of stainless steel, the blade never has to be sharpened, and the handle features curves that make it comfortable to hold and use.

Safety Lock Feature

The BLACK+DECKER 9-Inch Electric Carving Knife features a safety lock button that prevents the knife from turning on while it’s plugged in, preventing injuries. 

It also includes a blade release button that unlocks the blades for easy removal and dishwasher-safe parts to make cleanup fast and easy after cutting meat.

Ergonomic Design

A steady grip with great control is essential when cutting meat, fish, or poultry. The BLACK+DECKER 9-Inch Electric Carving Knife features a comfortable grip handle to make your work more enjoyable and a double-sided blade for flexibility of use. 

For the freshest cuts every time, this knife includes an anti-microbial nonstick-coated blade that prevents oxidation and reduces bacteria growth on instrument surfaces.

Along with being safer to use, it provides sharper edges for more precise cuts through rich foods but without problems caused by warping due to its sharpening slot in the rear of the knife that lets you sharpen blades manually if need be so they stay razor-sharp too.

  • Durable.
  • Stainless steel blades.
  • Safety Lock Button.
  • Blade Release Button.
  • Affordable.
  • A bit noisy.

Final Verdict

This 9-inch electric carving knife is designed to make it easy for cooks of all skill levels to slice through any cut of meat with ease. It features a black plastic handle and stainless steel blade, so there’s never to worry about tarnishing or rusting if it gets wet. Whether you’re cooking for yourself, your friends or hosting a BBQ at your house, this elegant yet sturdy design will not disappoint in its performance.

Best electric fillet knife for walleye 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

You should keep in mind that the best electric fillet knife should be easy to handle, useful, and durable at the same time.

You should look at its features, performance ratings, and priority preferences to choose the best knife and your intended purpose. You must look for the following elements in choosing the best fillet knife while comparing it with the list of options listed in this article.

1. Corded or Battery Operated

Both of the options come with individual merits and demerits. The corded ones are ready-to-go knives; you can plug and use them for your intended purpose. The demerit is you are restricted to a particular place, and your movement is limited to the place where the outlet is available to plug this knife. Still, on the contrary, they fall cheap on your pocket as compared to the cordless ones.

The cordless ones are portable, and they provide you with the freedom to work from any place of your home; all you need to have is proper charging for allowing it to operate. However, they are a bit pricey in your pocket than the corded options available in the market. Also, the extra parts of the cordless knife add more weight to it.

2. Price

When it comes to paying the price and getting the quality against it, it is not a wrong notion after all. However, it is also true that not all the expensive items are useful and well advanced, just like not all the cheap things are always wrong.

It depends upon the functionality and features, which makes any item excellent or bad. Also, to avoid such instances, you should always check for the reviews available online. They tell you a lot, and they also help you in your buying decision as well.

3. Blade Quality & Length

When looking into this feature of your fillet knife, the best is to get the ones that offer blades that go compatible with your knife so you can interchange the desired one as per your desire or purpose. You may require it to cut the beef fillets, or you may need it to use for making fish fillets.

The ones with blade options will help you switch to your desired purpose or need relatively quickly. The other thing you should look for is the blade’s quality; size, sharpness, width. They will also affect your cuts and, at the same time, your overall opinion for a particular item or the other.

4. Desired Purpose

Before opting for an option, you must know its intended purpose of using it to cut fish fillets or vegetables. Whether livestock or bread, it matters a lot, and you need to decide before buying a fillet knife for yourself. Your purpose or need must be clear, so you can get the one that suits your needs in the best possible manner.

5. Battery Life

The best thing about a portable knife is that you can carry it along with you for the trip. Simultaneously, if you find it out that the battery only gives you a small amount of backup, it will turn your trip into a disaster.

You may not have the charging outlet or the opportunity of replacing the batteries quite often. The primary reason for selecting a cordless knife for yourself is to be trouble-free from the cords or the electric inlet’s availability, so ensure its battery life and the backup time and make your life easy and justified for using a cordless fillet knife.

6. Motor Power

Settle yourself about the power you are looking for while performing the type of task you want to achieve using this knife, or it is the weight that matters to you. As smaller motors do not provide you with enough power to complete your cutting task, larger ones add weight to your knife.

Again, it matters to the intended purpose you are looking to perform with this fillet knife of yours, be sure about it so you can land on the right product with the right purpose.

7. Product Design & Handle

The things to look for in your fillet knife are; safety, power, release buttons, and their location or quality. These features will surely impact your task in a good or a wrong way and can also become a matter of convenience for you or a hindrance.

Also, look for the length of the cord if you are using the corded ones. The ones with better size will help you in performing your cutting tasks better and conveniently. On the other hand, going for the cordless ones, make sure how much weight you can handle. As knives with extra weight can turn you off and you won’t be finding it convenient for frequent use.

Finally, the handle that provides you grip and comfort, the more comfortable it is with proper grip, will ease your work, and allow you to perform your task pleasantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you sharpen electric fillet knife blades?

An electric fillet knife has jagged blades powered by an electric motor for the flawless and effortless cutting of a fish. The jagged surface of the electric fillet blade can easily be sharpened if needed. But, usually, there is no such need to do so.

2. Is a fillet knife the same as a boning knife?

Both fish fillet knives and boning knives are both used for cutting up a fish. The only significant difference between them is that an electric fillet knife is only explicitly used for fish. But, a boning knife is used for cutting up different kinds of meat.

3. What does a fillet knife do?

A fillet knife is used explicitly for making fillets. The knife’s body has a design to give you a better grip to create an excellent fillet. Typically, a fillet knife measures about 6 to 11 inches in length.

4. What is the best bait for walleye?

Three different types of baits are commonly used to lure walleye. These are minnows, leeches, and nightcrawlers.


It is important to find the best electric fillet knife for walleye. The right choice can make all the difference in your fishing experience, and it’s no easy task to figure out which one will be perfect.

To help you with this decision, we have compiled a list of our favorite picks for an electric fillet knife that is worth trying out! You’ll feel good about any purchase from here on out because these knives come with warranties.

Let us know what your favorite pick was after checking them all out.

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