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Best Kitchen Knives for Left-Handers

Are you a left-hander and tired of working with the right-handed kitchen tools? Well, you don’t have to work with right-handed tools anymore because this article tells you about the best kitchen knives for left handlers.

The majority of people in this world are right-handers, and by the majority, I mean 90% of the people. So, this is why the majority of the tools are made according to their needs and comfort level. But this is unfair, and I believe that left-handed people equally deserve to have all the comforts.

Exclusive Knives for Left-Handers

Yes, there are knives made exclusively for left-handers. While right-handed kitchen knives may also work well for left-handed people, the performance will not be that good. There are two types of knives I am discussing here; the Double-edged knife and the Single-edged knife.

The Double-edged knife is also known as the Ambidexter knife. What’s interesting about this knife is that it is sharpened on both sides. Both left-handers and right-handers can use this knife. It is a multi-functional knife and is literally available everywhere very easily.

The Single-edged knives have a very sharp edge. They are used for more professional use and are also exclusively available for left-handers.

Top Best Kitchen Knives for Left-Handers

After extensive research, I have selected the top 10 best kitchen knives for left-handers. These are the knives that I, being a left-hander trust blindly to work with. You can choose any of them, they all are amazing.

1. Professional Damascus Chef Knife

Best Kitchen Knives for Left-HandersSpecifications

Ø Material: Japanese AUS-10V Steel,67-layer Damascus

Ø Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel

Ø Size: Chef Knife 8 inch

Ø Manufacturer: Inofia US

The Professional Damascus Chef Knife is hands-down one of the best comfortable knives for left-handers. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that this is a versatile knife, suitable for ordinary people as well as chefs.

The knife is made up of high-quality VG10 high-grade steel which is also known as V gold 10.  This is high-performance stainless steel. It is sturdy so that the knife will be your companion for a very long time.

The knife is very sharp, just perfect for professional use. It has a beautiful Damascus pattern on it. The gorgeous craftsmanship makes this best chef knife long-lasting and rust-free. As the edge of the knife is hand-sharp to 14-16 “ per side, a perfect balance is maintained between blade sharpness and maximum elasticity.

The handle of this best left-hander’s knife has an ergonomic design. To prevent the slipping of the grip, it has three rivets in the middle. The angle of the shank is related to the natural curvature of the arm, so this knife is best suited for left-handers.

The Damascus chef knife has an excellent grip. It has ultra-sharp edges that enable it to perform exceptionally well in slicing, shredding, cutting meat, fish, bread, vegetables, and fruits.

The Professional chef’s knife comes with a wooden stand, a black jacket, and a black branded box. In my opinion, this is the best gift for someone left-handed.

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Nice grip
  • Sharp blade
  • Comes with a wooden block holder
  • Excellent customer service
  • Can not cut bones and frozen food

2. Mercer Culinary Left-Handed Knife

Best Kitchen Knives for Left-Handers


Ø Model number: M24010PLLH

Ø Blade Material: High carbon stain resistant German steel

Ø Size: 10 inch

Ø Manufacturer: Mercer Culinary

A brand that has been providing us with the best culinary items for decades is the Mercer Culinary. Their name needs no introduction. Their kitchen tools are used worldwide as they have a next-level quality and give a fantastic kitchen experience.

The blade of this best left-handed sushi knife is made up of stain-resistant German steel. The blade is beautifully designed and resists rust and corrosion. To ensure effortless cutting, the blade is razor-sharp.

There are not a lot of single-edged knives for left-handers. You will be glad to know that Mercer Culinary Yanagi Sashimi knife is a single-edged knife having a taper ground with a fine stone finish that gives clean and thin slices.

This best left-hander knife has a traditional wood handle. The D-shaped, slip-resistant Santoprene handle makes the cutting and chopping experience very comfortable.

NSF, as we all know, is a global provider of public health and safety-based risk management solutions. Mercer Culinary knives are NSF certified, and this means that they are safe to use and have amazing quality and performance.

All in all, Mercer Culinary Yanagi Sashimi Knife is one of the best meat cutting knives for left-handers. It makes fish filleting and meat cutting experience so much fun because of its sharp blade and comfortable handle. Apart from being a sushi knife, it is also super perfect for daily kitchen work.

And the best part about this best-left hander’s knife is that it is very affordable. The knife has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. So absolutely nothing to worry about.

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable handle
  • Single-edged knife for left-handers
  • Extremely sharp blade
  • NSF approved
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • It is not dishwasher safe

3. Left-Handed Paring Knife

Best Kitchen Knives for Left-Handers


Ø  Model Number: Paring knife

Ø  Blade material: Stainless steel

Ø  Blade Size: 2.75 inches

Ø  Handle Material: Plastic

Ø  Manufacturer: Everest Blade

Paring knives are one of the very most important types of knives. They are essential for food preps like peeling vegetables and slicing fruits. Paring knives are also known as fruit knives as they are frequently used for cutting food.

I know that you would be in a state of shock to know that paring knives are exclusively available for left-handers. Thanks to Everest blade for creating this amazing left-handed paring knife.

The blade of the knife is made up of stainless steel, making it long-lasting. It is 2.75 inches and curved in shape.  The stainless steel blade is sharp enough to provide efficient cutting and peeling services.

Now what makes this knife the best paring knife for left-handers is that the blade is sharpened on the right side so you can apply force easily with the left hand.

The handle of this paring knife is blue in colour and is made up of plastic. It gives a soft grip, just perfect for peeling and cutting fruits and vegetables. Also, the knife is dishwasher safe, so no worries about cleaning it separately.

  • Long-lasting
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for left-handers
  • Soft grip
  • Some people find it not sharp enough

4. Global Left-Handed Knife

Best Kitchen Knives for Left-HandersSpecifications

Ø  Model Number: G-11 L

Ø  Blade Material: CROMOVA 18 Stainless steel

Ø  Size: 10 inch

Ø  Manufacturer: Global

Global is one of the most trustworthy brands for knives. It makes the best quality knives of every type. It also has a range of knives for left-handers. G-11 L is one of the best left-handed sushi knives in terms of quality and performance.

The blade is made up of a single piece of CROMOVA 18  stainless steel and the quality is so good that you can count it as one of the best stainless steel knives for left-handers. And another plus point is that the ice-hardened, convex edge remains sharp for a very long time.

A sushi and sashimi knife should be very sharp as these dishes require thinly sliced pieces of fishes. G-11 L’s blade is of 10 inches and razor-sharp to give you an amazing sashimi making experience.

An important feature that should be present in a knife that has to be used for thin slicing and fine cutting is that it should have a nice balance. The left-handed Yanagi sashimi knife by Global is perfectly balanced by filling the hollow handle with sand, so you will feel no pain and discomfort at all.

If the handle of a sushi knife is not good enough, you will end up hurting your hands because of an uncomfortable grip. The handle of the left-handed Yanaga sashimi knife has an ergonomic design with a dimple pattern so it cannot slip while you are slicing.

So this Sashimi knife by Global is perfect for preparing Sashimi. It will help you make restaurant-quality Sashimi at home. This knife is also perfect for professional use and can be used for a lot more purposes apart from slicing fish.

  • Perfect for making sashimi
  • Sure-grip handle
  • Sharp blade
  • Perfect balance
  • You have to sharp it before first use

5. KS&E Left Handed Japanese Knife

Best Kitchen Knives for Left-Handers


Ø  Blade material: stainless steel

Ø  Size: 10.6 inch

Ø  Weight: 190 g

Ø  Manufacturer: Hasegawa, Japan

Who does not love Japanese knives? The best quality knives in the world are made in Japan. No knife in this world can even match the quality level of Japanese knives. They are extremely sharp and long-lasting. The best part about Japanese knives is that they are designed particularly for a specific purpose.

Japanese knives are the essence of combined traditional craftsmanship and technology. The KS&E Hasegawa Left-handed Japanese knife is also made by the technology of Japanese artisan. This best Japanese knife is abrasion resistant, so it will be your friend in the kitchen for a very long time.

The blade of the KS&E Hasegawa Yanagi Sushi and Sashimi knife is made up of stainless steel. The blade is long and narrow, exclusively designed for slicing and cutting fillet for sashimi. The knife is bevelled and sharpened on the left side of the blade, so it is perfect for left-handers.

This best Japanese knife for left-handed people is made with polishing technology and heat treatment making it resistant to corrosion and discolouration. The blade remains sharp for a very long time.

The Hasegawa sushi and sashimi knife are suitable for both; beginners and professionals. The features of this best Japanese knife are worth the price. If you are looking for a sushi knife, then you should definitely go for it.

  • Ultra-sharp blade
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Made with Japanese artisan technology
  • Worth the price
  • Some people may not like the single bevelled blade

6. Imarku Kitchen Knife

Best Kitchen Knives for Left-HandersSpecifications

Ø  Blade material: High Carbon German stainless steel

Ø  Size: 15 inch

Ø  Handle material: Pakkawood

Ø  Manufacturer: Imarku

If you are looking for professional left-handed kitchen knives, then you can trust Imarku blindly. Imarku makes high-quality culinary items for chefs, food caterers, and ordinary people.

The blade of this best chef knife for left-handers is made up of high carbon 1.4116-grade German stainless steel. It is rust and corrosion-resistant. Also, the blade is crafted in such a way that it retains sharpness for a long time.

I have researched a lot about cutting knives for left-handers and have concluded that the Imarku Kitchen knife is hands down one of the best left-handed chef knives for cutting. It has a 10-inch blade and a 15-inch overall design.

The handle is made up of pakkawood which is perfectly balanced to give a clean and sharp cut. The Imarku kitchen knife for left-handers is an all-rounder. It is suitable for cutting, chopping, slicing, and dicing. You can use it in a home or professional kitchen, wherever you want.

I know it’s a bit tricky to keep your knife safe from abrasion. But with this knife, you do not have to worry at all as its blade has a mirror polishing so you can clean it easily. The blade retains its sharpness for a long, long time.

All in all, the Imarku’s kitchen knife is of the best quality and affordable. It will make your cooking experience comfortable and fun. Imarku gives a money-back guarantee for this best affordable kitchen knife for left-handers. So go for it, you will never regret buying it.

  • Affordable
  • Rust-resistant blade
  • Extremely sharp
  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • The handle is not sturdy

7. Aroma Chef Knife Professional

Best Kitchen Knives for Left-Handers


Ø Blade Material: German X50CrMoV15 Stainless Steel

Ø Size: 8-inch

Ø Model Number: BH004-CK

Ø Manufacturer: Aroma House

Aroma house is known for its amazing customer service. They believe in the principle that the “customer is God”. Not all brands value their customer’s money, but Aroma house is one of those who aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

The blade of the knife is double-edged having a 15-degree angle on each side, so this knife is perfect for left and right-handers. The blade of this best knife for left-handers is Rockwell hard. It is made up of German high carbon 5CR15MOV stainless steel that is known for its razor sharpness.

The German stainless steel makes the knife rust, stain, and wear-resistant. It also prolongs the edge sharpness. The ergonomic pakka handle provides a very nice grip. The overall weight of the knife is perfectly balanced to provide a very comfortable, pain-free cutting experience.

The Chef Knife Professional by Aroma House is an all-rounder as it is suited for cutting, chopping, slicing meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits. It cuts through big pieces of meat like a cake. It also works amazingly in fine precision cutting like removing the skin of a fish.

The perfect balance of the knife makes it the best left-handed chef knife for cutting fruits and vegetables. So this knife is a win-win situation for you whether you are a home cook or a professional working in a restaurant.

The knife comes in elegant packaging, so it is a perfect gift for someone who loves cooking. The knife has a beautiful gift box, so it looks very classic when you gift it to someone. The beautiful design, amazing performance and sturdiness make it a gift that your beloved will cherish for the rest of their life.


      8. Shun Classic 6” Chef’s Knife

      Best Kitchen Knives for Left-HandersSpecifications

      Ø Blade Material: VG-MAX steel

      Ø Handle Material: Ebony Pakkawood

      Ø Size: 6 inch

      Ø Manufacturer: Shun

      Shun makes one of the best Japanese style knives. They are the pioneers of supplying Japanese knives to North America. Their knives are of typical Japanese style having steel blades that are lighter and razor-sharp and have a traditional Japanese handle.

      The look of a shun knife is breathtaking. But as much as it looks incredible from outside, there are many amazing secrets which are not visible to you. The blade of the Shun Classic 6 inch Chef’s knife is made up of VG-MAX which is a high end super steel.

      VG-MAX is basically a combination of some extra carbon, cobalt, tungsten, vanadium, and chromium. This formula increases the strength and durability of the knife, making it top the list of the best Japanese kitchen knives.

      The handle of the knife is made up of ebony PakkaWood which makes the handle water-resistant and long-lasting. The handle has a D shaped grip which makes it super comfortable to hold while cutting and is suitable for both left and right hands.

      What makes this knife unique, and one of the best Japanese knives for left-handed people is that it has a 6-inch blade. The small blade gives you a nice grip and control over your knife. You can do hassle-free cutting, chopping, dicing, and even mincing with this best chef knife for left-handers.

      The secret that makes this knife one of the best is that this Japanese knife-like other is also a combination of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern technology. The Shun Classic 6’’ Chef’s knife is made with hands which involve over 100 steps and also the modern state of the art technology is used to give it a modern touch.

      Buying this Chef knife by Shun will be a good investment as the heat treatment process makes its blade long-lasting. Also, Shun offers you a lifetime free of cost blade sharpening facility. I am already in love with this chef knife, and I know that you are too.

      • High end super steel blade
      • Durable handle
      • Amazing grip
      • Handcrafted knife with state of the art technology
      • Not dishwasher safe

      9. Imarku Pro Chefs Knife

      Best Kitchen Knives for Left-Handers


      Ø Blade Material: 67 layers AUS-10V super steel

      Ø Handle Material: Epoxy Glass Fiber

      Ø Size: 8 inch

      Ø Manufacturer: Imarku

      Imarku Pro Chef’s Knife is another fantastic culinary item of Imarku for professionals and home cooks. This knife is one of the best by Imarku.

      The blade of this best chef knife is made up of 67 layers AUS-10V super steel from Japan. The blade is designed uniquely by air-blade hammered indentations. This makes the blade more durable and sharp.

      The blade has a double-edged design. The edge angle is 8 to 12 degrees per side, so this knife is suitable for both left-handers and right-handers. The chef knife by Imarku is suitable for cutting vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat. Want to slice a big piece of meat? Grab this knife and start your hunt.

      I know how important it is for a chef knife to have a nice handle. The handle of the Imarku chef knife is very thoughtfully made. It has a G10 epoxy glass fibre handle which is oil-resistant, non-skid, and moisture-proof.

      This best meat cutting knife for left-handers looks breathtaking. The handle has a retro look because of the technology of  Manual mosaic rivets. The mirror sandblasted surface and blade hammer pattern give a unique look to the blade.

      The knife is all about providing you with a comfortable cutting and chopping experience. It is perfectly balanced so that you won’t be feeling any wrist discomfort. This knife would be your best friend in the kitchen.

      Imarku provides a money-back guarantee on this knife. Buy this knife, and you will fall in love with it just like me.

      • Looks beautiful
      • Double-edged blade
      • Oil-resistant handle
      • Multi-functional
      • Lifetime guarantee
      • Some people complaint of the broken handle

      10. Mercer Culinary Bread Knife

      Best Kitchen Knives for Left-HandersSpecifications

      Ø Blade material: Japanese steel

      Ø Handle Material: Santoprene and Polypropylene

      Ø Model Number: M23211

      Ø Size: 10 inch

      Ø Manufacturer: Mercer Culinary

      My aim of writing this article is to help left-handed people have a kitchen experience as comfortable as right-handed people have. And this article would have been incomplete if I would not have added a bread knife here.

      Yes, you read it right, there are bread knives available exclusively for left-handers. Mercer Culinary, the name you know for decades, has a brilliant Bread knife that is becoming an important part of every left hander’s kitchen.

      The blade is made up of high-quality stain-resistant Japanese steel. The blade has a razor-sharp edge and is very easy to clean and maintain. The high-quality steel makes it very long-lasting and durable.

      The most important part of a bread knife is its handle. The handle of this best bread knife for left-handed people is made up of a combination of Santoprene and Polypropylene. The Santoprene provides comfort while cutting, and Polypropylene is added for durability.

      The handle has textured finger points that provide slip resistance and a nice, safe grip. The handle is gently widened at the meeting point with the blade to protect the fingers.

      Another plus point of this best bread knife for left-handed people is that this knife is NSF certified for safety, quality and performance. So this knife is hands down one of the best by Mercer Culinary.

      • Razor-sharp blade
      • Durable
      • Slip-resistant handle
      • Designed to protect fingers
      • NSF Certified
      • The sharpness can fade if not taken care of

      Best Kitchen Knife for Left-Handers – Buyer’s Guide

      To make your purchase worth every penny, here I am telling you some tips and tricks for buying the best kitchen knives for left-handers.

      Type of knife

      The most common query of people is what type of knife they should have. Well, there are a lot of different types of knives like a Chinese knife, chef knife, steak knife, paring knife, bread knife, Japanese knife, and a dozen more. The most commonly used knives are a chef knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife.

      Chef knife is a multi-purpose knife. It can perform almost any task like chopping, slicing, mincing, boning, and cubing. A paring knife is used for cutting and peeling fruits and vegetables. It complements a chef knife. A bread knife has serrated blades that are used for cutting bread.


      This really depends upon your preference whether you want a heavy or a lightweight knife. The main point is that you should be comfortable with your knife. Your knife should feel like an extension of your hand.

      Heavy knives are more beneficial as they fall with force. At the same time, a lightweight knife works effectively but requires a little force to be applied.

      Blade Material

      There are different kinds of blade materials. Each has its own advantage and disadvantage. The most commonly used ones are stainless steel, carbon steels, and high carbon steels. All three of them are great, and you can choose whichever suits you the most. Here is a quick comparison table of the three of them.










      Stainless steel ≤10.5% Chromium, 1.2% carbon and other alloys Rust resistant No edge retention
      Carbon steel Iron and carbon Retains edge sharpness Prone to corrosion
      High carbon  stainless steel Stainless steel having high carbon

      Great strength

      Retains edge



      Often people neglect this part but let me tell you that this is one of the most important features you should look for when buying a knife. Always make sure that the knife you are buying has a comfortable grip.

      The material of the handle should be oil and water-resistant, so the handle is slip-free. The most commonly used handle materials are stainless steel, wood, and plastic. They all are amazing, and you can buy whichever you like the most.

      A fact I would like to state here is that wooden handles are not preferred to be used in professional kitchens because they are a bit difficult to maintain and also are not very durable. So plastic and stainless steel handles are more commonly used.


      This is the most important factor which you should check when buying the best knife for left-handers. A perfectly balanced knife has a curved blade and a full tang. A delicate balance makes your cutting and chopping experience effortless.


      Best kitchen knives for left-handers range from as low as $10 to as much as $300. If you are a beginner, I would suggest you buy a low or mid-ranged knife. Once you have practised enough, only then go for a high-end knife.

      This is because an affordable knife also works quite well, so there is no need to spend on costly ones. For home use, it depends upon how much you are into cooking. You can spend as much as you want and the same goes for professionals.


      Here I have addressed some queries which people often ask when buying the best knives for left-handers.

      1. Can you get left-handed knives?

      Yes, you definitely can. There is a variety of left-handed knives in the market from very well-reputed brands at very affordable prices. The best left-handers knife is prepared by sharpening the blade on the right side so you can use them with the left hand.

      2. Why are Japanese left-handed knives so good?

      The best knives in this world are made in Japan. The reason for the high efficiency of Japanese knives is that they are a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technologies. Yes, you read it right, Japanese knives are made with hands and involve a hundred plus steps.

      The modern state of the art technology is used to give it a modern touch. So the best Japanese kitchen knife is best for a reason, and that reason is the traditional way of making knives that Japan is carrying for hundreds of years.

      3. What is the difference between a knife for left-handed users and a knife for regular users?

      There is a basic fact that needs to be understood is that left-handed people cannot use right-handed tools. It’s very uncomfortable for them.

      So the difference between a left-handed knife and a right-handed knife is that a left-handed knife has blade sharpening on the right side to give a clean-cut while applying the force from the left. The handle of the left-sided knife also has a grip for the left hand.

      A knife for left-handers is usually sharpened on both sides, or if it is single-edged, then a bevel ratio of 50/50 or 30/70 is the one for left-handers.


      There are a lot of best kitchen knives for left-handers. I hope by now you will be having in mind which one you should have. I have selected mine which I am ordering right away.

      I loved the KS&E Hasegawa 10 inch stainless steel knife for left-handers. I am a big fan of Japanese knives. This knife is extremely sharp and rust-resistant. It is the best Japanese knife for left-handers.

      Now you just have to make your mind which knife you want based on what suits you the best and what are your daily kitchen requirements.

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