How To Debone A Deer

What are the best knives use to debone a deer? This important question needs answering to ensure you get the most out of your venison and enjoy it more. The answer will depend on what kind of meat you want, but there are some general guidelines. 

First, let’s talk about butchering your deer for roasts or steaks. If you’re looking for roasts or steaks like sirloin or flank steak, then any moderately sharp knife should do. You can also try a boning knife if it has a long blade and thin edge; this type is designed specifically for making cuts close to bones and joints where other blades might struggle to get through the tough tissue.

The Steps involved in deboning a deer

The following are some steps involved in deboning a deer:

1. What deer are available to be deboned

2. Types of knives for deboning a deer

3. how to properly use the knife and cut through the bones? 

4. The different types of cuts are made from different knives.

5. The type of knife you use to debone a deer depends on the animal’s size.

6. If you are deboning a large piece, it’s best to use either a boning or fillet knife

7. If you’re deboning smaller pieces, then use an electric knife or cutlery with sharp blades

8. You can also try using kitchen shears for small jobs

9. When removing bones from meat, be careful not to puncture any organs that may have been left inside? 

10. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw meat and before touching anything else in yours.

How to debone a deer?

1. Remove the skin from the deer

2. Cut off each leg, starting at the joint and working your way up to where it attaches to the body

3. Separate meat from bones by cutting along joints like you would with a chicken

4. Debone any leftover meat that is still attached to the bone by using a sharp knife

5. Chop off any remaining fat or connective tissue on the outside of the cut pieces of meat for presentation purposes

6. Rinse all deboned pieces in cold water before cooking or eating them

Types of knives used to butcher a deer?

When butchering a deer with either a fillet or boning knife, it is important to know the difference in blade shape, size and sharpness. A fillet knife has an elongated (sharp) blade that allows for clean cuts through meat like butter. However, when cutting through bone this type of knife will not be as efficient because it is designed more for precision than power. The boning knife on the other hand is great for breaking down whole animals with its short curved blade that provides excellent control over bones and joints while still being able to cut through meat efficiently.


After you’ve finished this blog post, be sure to check out our other articles on deer hunting and butchering for the more great information. If there’s anything we can help with in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out! 

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