what should not be used on glass top stove?

What Pans Should Not Be Used On A Glass Top Stove?

Nowadays many types of cookware available in the market, but not all types of cookware work well on glass top stoves like stoneware, cast iron and some glass and ceramic cookware. These types of cookware materials have a rough surface and very easily cause scratches especially when dragged across the smooth surface of the glass top stove.

What type of material is suitable for a glass top stove?

Here is some cookware that is highly recommended for glass top stove:

Ø  Stainless steel pots and pans are very suitable for glass top stove.

Ø  Heavyweight aluminium cookware also works well on glass top stove.

Ø  Copper bottom pans also work on glass top stove, but they leave scratches.

How do you protect the glass top stove?

Ø  Always use the pans with smooth bottoms that cannot cause scratches on the stovetop.

Ø  After a specific interval of time scrub the bottoms of the pans in order to protect the glass top stove from scratches.

Ø  Avoid contact between the glass top stove and aluminium foil.

Ø  Never move the pans back and forth on glass top stoves.

Why can’t you use cast iron on a glass top stove?

Cast iron can easily scratch and damage the glass surface because the cast iron pans are heavyweight and when you put food in that pans the weight increases, which can cause scratches and damage the surface of the glass top stove.

 How do you fix a crack in a glass top stove?

Deep scratches on glass top stove can’t be repaired, but if your cookware has light scratching that can be polished with the help of a glue that can be made with the mixture of water and baking soda or you can also use a metal polishing creme. Simply rub the metal polish cream or the mixture of water and baking soda in a circular pattern with the help of a soft cloth.

Do you need special pots and pans for glass top stove?

Not all cookware is made to work on glass top stoves like cast iron cookware cannot be suitable to for glass top stove because of its coarse surface. Porcelain enamel and glass cookware are also not suitable on that stoves they melt on high heat. For more details please read my article Best Pots for Glass Top Stove

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